explain the key elements of an HR audit and show your understanding of the audit

Hypothetical: You work for the Town of Cheapside and have suggested to your supervisor that the Town could benefit from conducting an HR audit. He is reluctant to commit the time and money but is willing to be persuaded. Your assignment is to write a 3 to 5-page memo, (single-spaced) to your supervisor explaining how an HR audit will benefit your employer. Your memo should explain the key elements of an HR audit and show your understanding of the audit process as outlined on the three step process map. You may show your understanding of the audit process in narrative form as part of your memo or graphically as an attachment. Attachments will not count towards the page requirement.

With respect to your memo, I expect you to use proper business memo format (single space within paragraphs, double-space between them), but also comply with APA guidelines pertaining to margins (1 inch), font size and type (12 pt Times New Roman), title and reference pages and source attribution within the memo. Be aware that in order to fully address the issues in the Assignment, your memo will be longer than the typical one-page business memo and should contain scholarly research, properly cited within your paper and the reference page using APA format requirements.

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