Explain the phenotypes obtained in the f2 generation

Question: What phenotypes and ratios did you observe in the F1 generation?

Question: Based on what you know about Mendelian genetics, did the F2 generation demonstrate the phenotypic ratio that you expected? If not, what phenotypic ratio was obtained with this cross, and why?

Question: Describe the phenotypes obtained in the F2 generation. Examine the phenotypes and sexes of each fly. Is there a sex and phenotype combination that is absent or underrepresented? If so, which one? What does this result tell you about the sex chromosome location of the white eye allele? (HINT: When analyzing the cross results, remember that Y-linked traits are passed down only from affected males to their sons. Females are unaffected by Y-linked traits since they do not have Y chromosomes. On the other hand, both males and females can inherit X-linked traits since they both have X chromosomes.)


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