Explain the possible ways in which you can control nuisance variables.

This assignment is due on Thursday 06 2014 at 08: am no later than that.Define external and internal validity including threats both may be exposed to in research. 400 words Minimum.What are the differences between causal and correlational studies?Explain the possible ways in which you can control nuisance variables. 400 words minimum.C. Find the paper Consumer values orientation for materialism and its measurement: Scale development and validation written by Marsha Richins and Scott Dawson.Provide an overview of the dimensions and elements of Richins and Dawsons materialism scale.Use Bruner Hensel and James the Marketing Scales Handbook to find at least two other materialism scales. Compare the scales you have found with the Richins and Dawson scale. 400 words minimum.NOTE: I will check the ORIGINALITY VERIFYCATION before I purchased the answer.

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