Explain the relevance of applying this information to nursing or midwifery practice.

In regards to your chosen transition and using relevant literature to underpin your response, write an essay addressing points a-d specifically.In your essay you need to ensure that you refer to at least one theorist, the concept of self-identity, and identify and discuss one relevant predictable and unpredictable life event.An explanation and link of the chosen life transition to nursing and midwifery is required.

a) Identify and discuss the predictable and unpredictable elements of this transition and associated life-stage.

b) Explore the impact on relationships and concepts of self for persons undertaking this transition.

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c) Choose one noted (seminal) researcher/author/theorist from the past and one contemporary (since 2000) researcher /author/theorist and note similarities and differences in understandings about your chosen transition.

d) Explain the relevance of applying this information to nursing or midwifery practice.

Constructing your essay
This should identify your chosen life transition and briefly describe its importance with reference to the literature. You should also preview the aspects of this transition and associated life-stage you will discuss as part of clarifying the aim of your essay to the reader.

Construct a discussion that addresses each of the specific requirements outlined in a, b, c, d above. Structure your work so that paragraphs link key points together and flow logically from one to the other. Support each point or claim you are making from relevant literature.

A good conclusion does not simply restate the main points that have been covered in the essay. In your conclusion you should draw all the elements together and sum up your argument/discussion in a meaningful way. This could include making a summative statement about the importance, relevance and impact of your chosen life transition and the effects it has on relationships, concepts of self and nursing or midwifery practice. You could also make a summative evaluation here of past and contemporary research understandings of this transition. A good conclusion includes drawing the reader’s attention to the wider implications of the discussion and the need for future research or investigation. All sources must be acknowledged when using the literature to support your conclusion.

Marking Criteria

1/ Introduction makes the aim of the essay clear through clearly identifying the life transition, describing its importance well and concisely previewing the points to be expanded on in the rest of the essay.

2/ Identifies and discusses 2 or more theorists. Concept of self is superiorly discussed. Important predictable and unpredictable elements of the transition are comprehensively explained. Superior understanding is demonstrated through clarify of writing and an outstanding use of literature.

3/ All elements of the transition are linked to practice in ways that comprehensively illustrate their importance, impact and significance supported by highly relevant literature. Reference to at least two competency standards are superiorly discussed.

4/ Conclusion is clear and well organised and accurately summaries the key points made throughout the discussion and has a meaningful concluding statement which accurately conveys the wider implications supported from the literature.

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