Explain the role of consideration in formation of a contract • Discuss what is meant by the key words in the assignment topic • Explain the development of the relevant law with regards to the assignment topic. • Refer to the appropriate law/cases in your explanation

 Explain the role of consideration in formation of a contract

Discuss the definitions of the important terms in the assignment topic. Describe the evolution of the applicable legal framework with respect to the assignment topic. Describe the function of consideration in the establishment of a contract.
• In your explanation, cite the relevant laws and instances.

Trimester 3 of BLO1105: Business Law (VU Sydney)
Evaluation #3: Research Project (30%)
Overview of the assignment
Assignment: Research (Essay)
Minimum word count: 2,000 to 2,500 (without footnotes and bibliography)
Date of submission: Week 9 of the semester. Please note the deadlines listed in the assignment Dropbox.
Details of the assignment
To complete the research assignment, each student must conduct independent research using academic sources other than those included in the unit’s syllabus or provided by the instructor (e.g., legal journal articles, case summaries, other books).
Students are required to carefully read all instructions, adhere to them, and become familiar with the VU Academic Integrity and Plagiarism regulations.
The task needs to be written in essay format. All claims should be properly documented with citations to relevant case law and literature from Australia. Internet sources that are not up to acceptable academic standards should be avoided by students.
There must be footnotes and a bibliography in Australian Guide to Legal Citation style. For this project, you may not cite sources using any other reference formats, such as Harvard style.
Preparation Before the essay’s due date, courses and tutorials might not have covered the topic entirely.
However, in addition to reviewing the material (such as the lecture notes and the pertinent chapters of the assigned text), students are also expected to do more in-depth research on the subject utilizing a variety of reliable academic sources. Databases and resources from the VU library are suggested for this.
Students are advised to start their research for the project as soon as possible.
Criteria for Evaluation and Submission
All essays must be submitted electronically through the supplied Assessment Dropbox. Assignments will be turned in through Turnitin, where originality reports can be seen. Less than 30% resemblance should be a goal for students.
Up to the due date, students may turn in numerous publications via Turnitin to view their similarity report and make the necessary corrections.
Hard copies may also be requested by certain tutors. Students must additionally include a completed and signed College of Law and Justice assignment declaration form when submitting a physical copy.
Topic for the Assignment:
Consideration is not required to be sufficient or financially viable. Simply put, it must be “sufficient.”
Examine the meaning of the word “sufficient” in this context and if the claim is true in terms of Australian contract law.
Your response should define “inadequate” or “nominal” consideration and provide examples of what is and is not “sufficient” in the eyes of the law, using pertinent instances and judicial rulings. It should also discuss these terms with references to trustworthy academic sources.
Studying and comprehending important consideration laws as well as how common law has evolved in relation to consideration is the goal.
You must address the following topics in your essay:
Discuss the definitions of the important terms used in the assignment topic and the function that consideration plays in the construction of a contract.
• Describe how the pertinent law has evolved in relation to the assignment’s topic.
Make suitable notes regarding if there are any ongoing challenges or problems by referencing the relevant statutes and court decisions in your explanation.
Note: Detailed explanations of case facts are not preferred. Students should concentrate on locating and outlining the court’s ruling, its justification, and how it relates to the topic of their work.
Additional instructions (READ THIS!!) The assignment must have a bibliography and footnotes. For footnotes, references, and bibliographies, students must use the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC), and they cannot use another style (such as the Harvard style, for example). You may get both the third edition and the VU guide to the AGLC in the library resources section of VU Collaborate.
Students who do not follow the AGLC criteria will have marks taken off of their final grade. VU’s plagiarism policy may be broken if footnotes and bibliographies aren’t included in the appropriate way.
It is the individual duty of each student to be aware of and adhere to the VU policy on plagiarism (see VU Collaborate for more information). Each assignment must be turned in online, and a Turnitin report will be produced. Less than 30% resemblance must be the goal for students. Assignments may be turned in on different times up until the deadline so that students can make the required changes to meet the requirements for originality and no plagiarism.
There are 30 possible marks for each assignment. Students are graded according to how well they can articulate their comprehension of the applicable legal concepts, case law, and legislation. Additionally, points are given for depth of study and adherence to the AGLC (20% of the overall grade for the assignment).
Students are expected to do independent research using credible academic sources in addition to the required course readings. Six sources at the very least are required. When using sources from the Internet, use extreme caution because many of them lack academic rigor. For reliable Internet sources, check out the VU library website and the links offered on VU Collaborate. Websites like Wikipedia, Lawteacher.net, online student papers or notes, and others of a similar nature are banned.
Although there is no set minimum for footnotes, students are told that at least 20 are ideal. To appropriately credit sources in compliance with the VU Academic Integrity policy, more may be required.


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