Explain whether or not this firm qualifies as a multinational enterprise (MNE).

Question 5: Make plausible arguments about foreign direct investment (FDI) motives of the firm. Support your answer with specific examples.
• Apply correct theoretical concepts.
• Make plausible arguments about FDI motives of the firm.
• When you discuss any FDI motive(s), you need to support your answer with specific examples.
• A firm can have a combination of different FDI motives.
Team Assignment
Each team is assigned a firm to study for this assignment, as follows:
Team A1 LG Corporation (South Korea)
You are required to write a collective piece of work of no longer than 3,000 words (including introduction, main body, conclusion, tables and figures, citation, notes and end notes in the text and appendices; excluding the front cover sheet and references) by using the course materials. You are expected to critically analyse the international business strategy of the assigned firm. Support your answers with specific, well-explained, well-analysed real hard facts, data and examplesby consulting various sources of information and data (lecture materials, core textbook, reading lists, books, company websites, company annual reports, business news, academic journals, etc.). You should refer to Appendix 1 for detailed guidance onspecific requirements and expectationsof your answers.Each question has the same marks.
1) Explain whether or not this firm qualifies as a multinational enterprise (MNE). By reading and analysing the annual reports of the firm for the five-year period (2010-2014), report data on the total revenues, domestic revenues, foreign revenues (in absolute values), and the number of foreign subsidiaries of the firm. Calculate the ratio (in percentage) of foreign sales to total sales (FS/TS),and the ratio (in percentage) of foreign subsidiaries to total subsidiaries for each yearfor the five year period (2010-2014).
2) Report data on home region sales, rest of region sales, total regional sales and rest of world sales (in absolute values). Calculate the ratios(in percentage) of home sales to total sales (HOMES/TS), rest of region sales to total sales (ROR/TS), total regional sales to total sales (RS/TS) and rest of world sales to total sales (ROWS/TS) for each year for the five year period (2010-2014). Identify and explain the strategy of the firm (i.e. whether it pursues a global, bi-region oriented, host-region oriented, or home-region oriented strategy). Discuss the strategy that the firm likely pursues in the next five years.
3) Explicitly state and identify the firm in the relevant cell of the FSAs/CSAs matrix (FSAs: firm-specific advantages; CSAs: country-specific advantages). You will need to explicitly discuss the CSAs and FSAs of the firm with supporting data and evidence, and explain how these FSAs have been built and developed.
4) Explicitly state and identify in a figure whether the firm builds its strategy based upon its home country diamond, or whether it uses a double diamond/generalised double diamond approach.
5) Make plausible arguments about foreign direct investment (FDI) motives of the firm. Support your answer with specific examples.
6) Apply appropriate theoretical concept(s) to analyse the type of corporate culture of the firm. Explain whether or not this corporate culture contributes to the FSAs discussed above in question 3.
You should use headings and sub-headings. Team members often divide the work among themselves, so you need to make sure that the final version is well-integrated and consistent as if it were written by a single author. Notes or Endnotes should be used only if absolutely necessary and must be identified in the text by consecutive numbers, enclosed in square brackets and listed at the end of the essay.
The general format of this team assignment should include the following parts:
Front page: essay title (including the company name), your group, your team number, your names, your student ID numbers, and total word count (word count excludes the front page and references).
Introduction: briefly introduce thecompany background information. You may explain the main objective of this essay, the main arguments/findings, and the limitations of this study, etc.
Main body: you need to cover all the issues in the format of answer-to-question. There is no need to rewrite the questions in your submitted work. You only need to indicate question number (e.g. Question 1, etc.). This will give you more space to present your answers. You may introduce the concepts and frameworks, but you should not spend too much energy on it. You are expected to demonstrate that you are capable of applying these theoretical concepts and frameworks to critically analyse the international business strategy of the firm which you are studying. A good piece of work for this module should focus on a persuasive analysis and argument, based on the hard data, facts and examples which you find. In addition, you are expected to present consistent and interactive arguments of the issues, e.g. hard data and thorough explanation should support your analysis on the strategy of the firm.
Specific expectations
• Research skills: find relevant, interesting, specific, real examples, data, information and hard facts to support your answers.
• Insights: identification of key issues; a clear and consistent focus.
• Analysis: a presentation of information that exhibits an understanding, a capable application of key concepts. The rationale and reasoning is explained logically and clearly.
• Synthesis: relevant incorporation of various concepts and pieces of information.
• Appearance: a clear and concise organization and overall style; good grammar and spelling.
• Coherency: as you are working in a team, the document must appear coherent, so that it does not appear to be made up of several parts, written by different people.
• Consistency: all evidence should be supported by your discussion.
• Originality: an ability to be creative and innovative in research and presentation of information.
Conclusion: a brief summary of the essential arguments/findings for the work.
Tables and figures: It is your decision to put the figures/tables separately or in the text. Each figure/table needs to be fully referenced and explained. Please do not insert any of them without explanation.
References: All sources (e.g. books, articles, internet sites, company annual reports, etc.) used in the assignment must be listed in the text and in the reference. Reference must be Harvard style, and you can find the Harvard style reference at the end of the assignment (Appendix 2).

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