explain why ERP was a necessary information system solution to address the organizations issues

The main learning outcome for this unit addresses advanced information systems solutions. You need to be able to understand not only the concepts behind implementing an advanced solution like ERP, but also the management and technological factors involved in an implementation, the value added by implementing advanced systems, what prompts the need for an advanced system like an ERP system, and the potential benefits of implementing IS advanced systems such as ERP systems.

This case gives them a successfully implemented case to analyze.
Assignment Instructions: 
Review what you have learned about enterprise resource planning (ERP) from the textbook and from the unit’s study guide.
Analyze the case study titled “Vodafone: A Giant Global ERP Implementation” on pp. 376-378 in your textbook.
For this assignment, you will need to:

  • analyze and discuss the central issue(s) faced by Vodafone, including the contributing management and technological factors;
  • explain why ERP was a necessary information system solution to address the organization’s issues;
  • evaluate the success of Vodafone’s implementation plan and provide one suggestion to improve the process;
  • discuss the value the new ERP system brought to Vodafone as a company; and summarize your findings in a two pages.

Please make sure you follow the research writing style (I posted in Unit II). APA format references and citations are absolutely necessary

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