Explain your approach for verifying that the spreadsheet does not contain errors.

1. You are the Chief of Payroll and need to forward a very important spreadsheet prepared by your Junior Payroll Clerk to the Chief Financial Officer concerning employees who are about to be released from employment. The spreadsheet shows the following fields: Employee Name, Employee Number, Length of Employment, Total Hours Worked (including Overtime hours, if any) in the current pay period, Gross Pay, Deduction Amount, and Net Pay. This is a three-part question. Explain your approach for verifying that the spreadsheet does not contain errors. Identify three error types you will look for. Identify the 3R’s to look for, and why this is important. Describe the elements of a professionally formatted datasheet.

3. Part 1 (20 points) Grouping sheets Suppose you were working with an Excel file that had 5 different sheets. You wanted to format these sheets the same way, and decided you would group them together before doing so. Explain how you would: Group all of sheets (1-5) at one time Group only sheets 2-4 Group only sheets 1, 3, and 5 Part 2 (20 points) 3D references Next, you’d like to total up the values of cell A1 from sheets 2, 3, and 4 onto a summary sheet (sheet 5). Sheets 2, 3, & 4 are named “East Warehouse”, “Central Warehouse”, and “West Warehouse” respectively.

Explain what formula you would enter in to add up cell A1 from these sheets. After entering the formula, explain how you could repeat this for cells A2:A20 on the summary sheet (sheet 5).

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4.A table named “Daily Sales” in a Microsoft Access database has the following fields:

Product A Product B Product C Product D

Each record on the table represents a day of total sales for each product and the data covers the last five years. Your boss asks you to create a visual report of the sales performance of each product during the last 12 months.

Prepare a step-by-step description of how you would use Microsoft Excel to prepare the report and email it to your boss following these steps:

Step 1 – Import data from Access to Excel Step 2 – Summarize Monthly Data for each product during the last 12 months Step 3 – Create a visual representation of monthly data Step 4 – Email the spreadsheet with your comments to your boss.

5.You have been provided an Access database that contains sales data for the past five years for a florist. The data has information about the date of transaction, client name, client zip code, products purchased, and product price. You have been tasked to provide a few reports to the owner of the business. Explain the steps to import the data from Access into Excel for data analysis. Due to the high amounts of perishable inventory over the last year, the owner would like to eliminate five products. Provide the steps in your data analysis to determine the appropriate products to eliminate. The owner would like to increase marketing during slower periods of the year. Because flower sales are seasonal, the owner does not know the best times of year to increase marketing to attract more customers when business is slower. Provide the steps in your data analysis to determine the best times of the year to increase marketing. How would you report your findings to the owner to Parts 2 and 3? Assume that the owner is visual and does not want to look over a worksheet of data.

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