exploratory essay on any social issue in the US.

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Write an exploration essay in which you describe the development of your ideas about a problem or issue through time in first-person, chronological order. Start with a question or problem rather than with a thesis or claim. Then go into detail about your research procedure, considering various sources or points of view.

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Three different sources about a contentious topic must be combined. Choose a topic for your [position, problem, or solution] essay that you can write about later. This essay aims to demonstrate how several authors approach and support their viewpoints on a hotly contested topic. You should also consider the arguments and presumptions made by each writer in the discussion. In summary, the goal of this paper is to enlighten the reader about the various sides and topics of a dispute by highlighting key arguments made by each author and putting together a fair presentation of the subject.

Your introduction won’t present and argue a thesis because this is not an argument-based assignment. Instead, your introduction will demonstrate your passion for the subject, which may involve personal experience. Similar to how you won’t restate your thesis in your conclusion. As an alternative, your summary will pave the way for additional investigation of your research question. Two of the three sources you used have to be academic. There can only be one source: a website, newspaper, or movie. The rest will be academic sources from your textbook or the database of the MC library.

You must design a demanding, debatable, and scholarly research issue. Your sources must be diverse and take into account the many points of view on the subject. This is not a paper that makes a case. You must engage in advanced critical thought in addition to simply summarizing the materials. (Dory Hoffman, assignment source)

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