explore how the media filters and prescribes the identity of the male OR female

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English 35 Paper #3

Materials you’ll need to access for observation: Magazines, advertisements, t.v. talk shows,
t.v. sitcoms, movies, billboards, stores,
displays, commercials, music video

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Select one of the following categories to focus on for this assignment:
Family/Married Men

Using several media pieces as mentioned above (at least 3), explore how the media filters and prescribes the identity of the male OR female in the category you’ve selected. Evaluate the accuracy of these messages.

Your thesis statement will express what the “prescription” or portrait of this identity appears to be/ what the stereotyping, perhaps, in the media suggests about the identity of individuals within this group, and whether this portrayal is accurate or not. (For example, the portrayal of X as Y and Z in A and B appears accurate because. . .or inaccurate because. . .)

Use at least three different types of media. Reference the media you mention specifically (i.e. the name of the movie or show, the name(s) of the character(s), the specific product in the commercial), attach a copy when possible of the magazine article or advertisement (name the publication), and remember to offer a brief background if necessary. Avoid vague generalizations in your writing even though you are exploring generalizations in the media! POINT TO examples throughout the body of your essay–then draw inferences from the examples and analyze them for elements that they highlight, emphasize, stress, make fun of, or perhaps criticize.

In your conclusion, address the general image suggested by the different media images and comment on why this image seems consistent (or contradictory in your findings) in the different types of media.
AVOID “I” OR “YOU” as you focus on the material rather than personal reaction.

multiparagraph essay, 3+ pages

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