Explore the Internet to find a multinational company that has products that you enjoy building new consumer products for. Imagine that you are the marketing manager in charge of new products.

Find a global corporation on the Internet whose items you like creating new consumer products for. Consider yourself the marketing manager in charge of new product development. You have been assigned by the corporation to develop and launch a product that is not yet available in any market. This consumer product ought to be a co-branded variation of an original idea of yours.

In a three to four-page paper, address the following:

Briefly describe the business and product you want to offer to them. Choose the main strategies you’ll employ to take advantage of branding and co-branding chances. Describe your plan for promoting the new product in additional nations. Find out if the advertising substance will be the same as the generic ads targeted at other global markets or if they will be regionally tailored. Give an explanation for your response. Choose a nation to serve as the new product’s market. Predict the market segmentation factors (such as location, psychographics, and demographics) for the new product in the nation you have chosen. Describe the company’s primary pricing strategies and the new product’s target market goals. Please outline the main strategies you would employ to develop distinctive distribution channels and logistics using the company’s current global channel intermediates. Determine how these distribution methods will be useful to both current and prospective customers. Determine if you would use a global approach or a multicounty strategy for the new product. Give a justification for your response. For this task, consult at least five (5) academic sources. Note that Wikipedia and other websites are not acceptable sources for academic research.

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