Fabric / Bags


Marking criteria 1. Intellectual rigour: Deep critical thinking and analysis of situations; engagement with theoretical concepts and applied/industry information: (80%): a. Current situation – link to Ass2 (revised, if necessary) b. Objectives (10%) c. Target market (10%) d. Marketing strategies: i. Positioning and product/service (15%) ii. Price (10%) iii. Place/distribution (10%) iv. Promotion (10%) e. Marketing implementation (5%) f. Budget (5%) g. Evaluation and control (5%). 2. Creativity: Demonstrated commitment to achieving imaginative and appropriate marketing strategies for the proposed sustainable market offering (10%). 3. Written communication (10%): Effective organisation, so that the report is easily understood, coherent, consistent and visually appealing. Visuals need to be relevant and explained in the text.

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