Factors that influence human behaviors.

 Factors that influence human behaviors.


You have decided on a problem to research in a professional setting. Based on your problem definition and research questions, you will be performing a review of relevant research in the field and will be writing a formal review summarizing the literature related to your topic. A review of research literature will help focus and guide your research proposal.Given:Based on your research question and problem definition, perform a search of relevant research to help guide and focus your research proposal.Note: This task requires a minimum of 10 items in the literature review. As you complete your master’s program, your capstone project may require substantially more in order to be complete.Task:
Write a literature review (suggested length of 8–10 pages) in which you do the following:A. Describe your professional setting as a reference for the evaluator.
B. Review at least 10 resources that are appropriate to the research topic in terms of:
• Relevance
• Publication dates
• Scholarly journals
C. Organize the literature review using sections that relate to parts of your research question.
D. Within the sections of your literature review, use your sources to provide relevant support for your research problem by discussing:
1. Factors that influence human behaviors in your specific research topic
2. Barriers to the success of a program or intervention
3. Best practices related to your research topic


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