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In this assignment you will apply your knowledge of fall hazard identification and prevention. For this assignment, your task is to identify a slip, trip, and/or fall hazard or situation that poses a risk for a fall injury.

You need to take a digital photo of the hazard or situation and submit it.
Along with the photo, you need to provide a text description as to why the hazard or situation poses a risk for injury, and provide a description of the type of injury that could be sustained (describe the possible significance).
You should also discuss briefly how the hazard could be abated or controlled to prevent injury. Do what is possible to abate or control the hazard.

If possible complete this activity in a workplace. If you are unable to do this in a workplace, complete the activity in a public area such as a park, public facility, etc. Do not take photos in areas that are restricted or in areas that are not permitted. Get permission if necessary. Do not take a picture of a person unless you get his/her permission. You would want to have the person sign a photo release form if you take the picture on private property, a store, or workplace. Information and examples of photo release forms can be found on several websites.
Perform this activity lawfully. Be sure to complete this activity in a safe and protective manner. Do not place yourself or others at risk for injury. Also, do not stage or set up a hazard situation.
You will submit your document that contains your write up and text description, and insert your photo within the document. If you have a photo release form, you may attach that as a separate document
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