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Paper: Topic for genetic paper will be chosen at random based on a list which will be available during the first week of class. Each disorder has a genetic cause, and the gene(s) causing the problem are known. Paper on the genetic topic will be 850 words minimum, written into discrete sections. Word count does not include title, quoted material, or citations. At least 6 works cited will be used, 3 must be scientific journal papers or journal reviews (these are primary, peer-reviewed articles from journals like Nature or Science). Primary articles can be found through the link provided on Blackboard to PubMed. The Genetics Home Reference, Wiki, and the OMIM can be used, but are not considered primary sources. Web sites can be used, but not answers.com or webmd.com. See below as to how to set up each section (including giving the actual word counts) and exactly how to cite. Topic will be a genetic disorder, so information about the gene(s), gene name(s), inheritance pattern (or sporadic), and allele function (dominant, recessive, etc.) must be included, along with what is known about the function of the protein from that gene. If there are multiple genes involved, you may either use them all, or choose one and focus on that. That section is 250 words, minimum. Paper also must include what main organ system is affected and how it is affected, and what the organ system normally looks like and functions. Every symptom does not have to be listed, just the main symptoms. Must also discuss any treatment options, if available (if not, then state that there are no treatment options). That section is 450 words, minimum. At the end of the paper you will discuss why you personally think more funding toward research should be done on your disorder and the converse – why there should be less funding for research. Explain and defend your reasoning. This is for research about understanding the disorder and potentially finding new treatments; this is not increased funding for support groups, getting individuals to therapy, or increasing awareness of the disorder. That section is 150 words, minimum.
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