TEXTBOOK FOR COURSE: Gehart, D.R. & Tuttle, A.R. (2010). Theory-based treatment planning for marriage and family therapists: Integrating theory and practice. New York: Brooks Cole Publishing Co.
Please reference family therapy and NOT individual counseling. Thank you

Assignment instructions:

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Family sculpting is one of the most powerful and interesting techniques used in Satirs Communication Approach. Describe family sculpting briefly in a 2-3 page paper, including an example of a family in which you would use this technique, and what it would look like (how it would play out) in your implementation of it. Check out YouTube (below) for a short clip on Satir actually using family sculpting.
Embedded Video Player: Virginia Satir in Action
Virginia Satir in Action
Duration: (4:11)
User: Psychotherapy Networker Added: 11/14/14
YouTube URL:
Submit the assignment to your instructor by attaching the Word document and clicking “submit.”

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