FAS 110CL Assignment 1

Write a Review
Your assignment for this module is to watch a play or film of your choosing and write a review answering
the four questions of good criticism, similar to those posed by Julius Novick, a critic with The Village
Voice, in Chapter 14, pg. 469, of your textbook.
Each question should merit at least one paragraph in response.
1. What is the work trying to do? (This pertains to genre/style. Is it a comedy, drama, family
oriented, thriller, etc.)
2. How well was it done? (Again, you will expand your knowledge of theatrical techniques as the
course progresses. For now, look at basic colors of design. Were they appropriate for the
genre? Was the script engaging? Were the actors believable? Did they manage to create a
successful comedy/drama/etc?)
3. Was it worth doing? Use this question to consider your first, gut reaction to the production.
4. Why was it or wasn’t it worth doing? (This question is tricky. Some pieces tackle a relevant
and/or important theme or idea and, while the execution may not be top notch, it still offers a
platform for discussion and reflection. It may offer no larger theme but was wildly entertaining,
offering a lovely retreat from the “drama” we face in our lives. How do we balance
entertainment and ideas? Are they equally important? This is for you to decide.)
Make sure that you support your answers with details from the play or film.
Submit this assignment to the Assignment box no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 1.
(This Assignment box may be linked to Turnitin.)

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