Fashion Marketing & Promotion


This evaluation will be a written report that includes the weekly news reviews you have compiled in your research file. Apply the marketing theories you’ve learned to the customer communications and marketing strategies of a multi-channel retailer using primary and secondary research. The last of three examinations for this module is this work, which must be finished alone.


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Describe your new communications plan for the upcoming year.

“Next” is a well-known multi-channel retailer that engages its clients through a range of creative marketing strategies. In order to evaluate their existing communication strategy and to present your report in a written and visual style, you should use the relevant headers and subheadings, such as:

Ideas for the new approach, which are based on pertinent market theories, come after a review of the current communication strategy.
d) mental images

Ansoffs Matrix AIDA
4Ps Marketing Mix PESTLE (3-5 articles that are connected to Next) BCG matrix SWOT analysis


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