Fear & Motivation


Just go with whatever interests you that relates to motivation. My guidelines are only (1) length (4-5 pages single-spaced or 8-10 double-spaced); (2) sources (at least 2 other than the textbook, and they can be reputable web sites as well as books and journal articles); (3) style (the more coherent and tied together the narrative is, the better the grade, so topics should not to be so overly broad that coherence is difficult to achieve); (4) your own opinions are encouraged, and particularly important when there is controversy between two or more viewpoints. There are no guidelines for topic other than that, so please just say what interests you and I’ll take it from there. I am most familiar with the APA style for references, but if you have another format that you’re comfortable with that’s OK too. More important than format is that (1) every item cited in the text must be in the references as well, and the other way around and (2) the references be in alphabetical or numerical order.

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