Features Needed For a Deer Hunting GPS Unit

If you’re looking for a portable GPS unit for your next deer hunting trip there are several features that you need to look for. You will also need to consider your own personal needs when out in the field and choose a unit whose features work best for your situation. So be sure to thoroughly research your choices and keep the following features in mind.

1. Long Battery Life – Whether you’re spending a weekend or a week in the woods deer hunting the last thing you need to worry about running out of power. Good portable GPS units will last between 15 to 25 hours on a set of batteries. Keep this in mind when deciding how many spare batteries to take on your hunting trip.

2. Internal Memory – GPS units keep track of specific spots as waypoints. These waypoints can be a bread crumb trail that leads to a good hunting spot or a collection of goof hunting areas. The more waypoints you store the more memory you will need so be sure to get a GPS with at least 14 to 25 megabytes of internal storage.

3. Weight and Portability – When you’re out in the wilderness you don’t want anything bulky weighing you down. A good portable GPS unit weighs less then 2 pounds and fits easily in a pocket.

4. WAAS Capability – You’ll definitely want a unit that has WAAS capability because this gives it an accuracy to within 3 meters. Pin pointing your location is important out in the woods because an inaccurate GPS position is a good way to losing your way.

5. Tough and Water/Weather Resistant – It’s a simple fact that any piece of outdoor equipment needs to be tough and able to withstand the rigors of getting banged around. It also needs to keep working in any and all weather conditions which can be bad during hunting season.

Using a portable GPS unit during your deer hunting trips is a great way to ensure that you stay safe in the woods and can easily find your way back to camp. Keep these important features in mind if you are considering buying such a unit and you’ll be sure to get one that does exactly what you need.

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