1. Identify and source available feedstuffs/ingredients (or material you believe can be used as feedstuffs) to formulate a complete feed/ratio/diet for a named class of ruminant animal. You will determine the number of feedstuffs selected and used.
  2. Do a classification of the feedstuffs in table 1. Check the appropriate box to indicate your classification and justify why ingredients are classified accordingly.
  3. Develop the nutritional profile of the feedstuffs (Table 2). You will need to research this. Energy, Protein, Dry matter, Fiber etc are required.
  4. Select the class of ruminant you want to develop the ration for e.g. (lactating dairy cow or goat, heifer, finishing beef cattle, post-weaned lamb, pregnant doe etc.). You will need to know the nutrient requirements (energy and protein) for the selected animal to formulate the ration/feed. You can create a table for this.
  5. You MUST use available literature to assist. E.g.

Using the all the information (ingredients and their nutritive value, nutrient requirements) formulate a suitable ration/feed for this animal using the Winfeed 2.8 software:

Instructions for using this software is in the other document.

Animal species and class:_________________

Table 1: Classification of feedstuffs/ingredient

Feedstuffs/ ingredients Classification Justification
Energy Protein Min/Vit. Oil/fat

Table 2. Nutrient profile of individual feedstuffs/ingredient

Feedstuffs/Ingredients C hemical composition/nutritive value (%)
CP CF/NDF/ADF* EE Ash Energy¥

¥ you should determine what unit of measurement you want to use
*You should determine which expression of fiber you want to use

Table 3: Description of the formulated diet

Feedstuffs/Ingredients Quantity %

[Place pie chart here]

Table 4: Description of the chemical composition of formulated diet

Feedstuffs/Ingredients C hemical composition/nutritive value (%)
CP CF/NDF/ADF* EE Ash Energy¥

I. How do you think this diet will impact on intake by the animal and why?

II. How do you think this diet will affect the performance of the animal and why?

III. What do you think can be added to improve the quality of this diet? Justify your response.

Appendices (insert a picture of each feedstuff and the formulated feed)

[label) [label) [label)

[label) [label) [label)

[label) [label) [label)
nb. Remember you determine the number of ingredients.

Sample Solution

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