Female geologist and their contribution (must be specific person)

Your paper must be organized as follows:
1. Title and author name on front page. Nothing else on the front page, please!
2. Abstract 250 word limit summarizing your paper including a sentence on why you chose the particular topic.
3. Introduction Opening paragraphs of your paper that describe the topic in general, its importance or application to you and the community, and why you choose the particular topic.
4. Main Body Discussion of what your research revealed to you and what you want to share.
5. Conclusion(s) The key messages or take-away points that you expect the reader to remember.
6. References List of references you used to research and write your paper; minimum number of references is three.
Please make sure that for any map, picture, graph, or other illustrations that you used in your paper has the source or reference in the items caption.

Your paper must use at least three peer reviewed references. Paper published in journals such as Science, AAPG Bulletin, GSA Bulletin (http://www.geosociety.org/pubs/ ), GSAs Geology, Nature, SEG Leading Edge (http://www.seg.org/resources/publications), Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) (http://www.spe.org/publications/ ) are peer reviewed. Some web sites are also reasonably peer reviewed such as the USGS, NASA, and NOAA. Many web sites are not reasonably peer reviewed and use of information derived from such web sites (e.g. Wikipedia) does not count towards the needed peer reviewed references for your research paper.


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