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For on line Class: The assignment is in WORD and located in WEBCOM 2 in the tab assign/test. You may type out your assignment in WORD and type out your answers in the spaces after the questions into the document (assignment).

You will want to use your textbook, Essential Humanities Third edition, and the Study Guide. The Study Guide is in WEBCOM2. You may also use additional information for assignments obtained from other sources. If you do this, you must cite your source in parenthesis at the end of your answer. If you add additional information from the internet, this is good, but be sure to cite your source in the reference at the end of the assignment also. This applies to photos as well. Give the source credit. Keep track of your sources as you are writing. Write me an email if you have a question about whether a film will be considered a reasonable film to use for this assignment. It must be a film that is considered to be “art”. Thank you. I have a list for you if you need an example.  Information about this Film assignment: Select a scene from a “great film” that is considered “art.” Analyze formal elements of this film. Articulate how the scene expresses emotions, a mood, and human experience. (SLO 1: ULO 1.8. 1.9, 1.10; SLO 2: 2.7, 2.8) You may google to find a list from a source called American Film Institute and type in the top 100 best films.

Obtaining grade:

For full credit, you need to answer all the questions below. You need to be specific and detailed in your descriptions. Watch the entire film then select a scene to review several times so that you will be able to describe it in your own words. Be sure to cite your sources if you use websites (such as when you look up the director, composer, and sound tracks.) You need to be sure to be very specific and detailed in your description and use film elements and musical terms. Use references at the end of the paper and make sure that if you use quotations that you list the sources and place websites after the quotes. Please keep a copy of the URL so you can place it at the end of your paper in a bibliography (references). You may want to include photographs / screen shots to help describe the scene.

Examples: You may use similar films such as: Citizen Kane, Casa Blanca, Lawrence of Arabia, “Gone with the Wind”, The Wizard of Oz, Twelve Angry Men, Amadeus, Hugo, The King’s Speech, Annie Hall, High Noon, North by Northwest, Psycho, The Birds, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The King’s Speech, Hamlet, The Godfather, Bullitt, It Is a Wonderful Life, Amadeus, Hugo, etc.

Be Specific: This is not a synopsis about the film. This is about the camera, and what it did to create the mood in the scene you selected from you film. Answer the following questions with detailed answers:

  1. What is the title of your film? ___________________________________
  2. When was your film made? ____________________
  3. In this film scene that you selected to analyze, describe the scene are you writing about?
  4. Now pretend you are the camera — DESCRIBE the movements and shots that the camera did during the scene.


  1. DESCRIBE what type of set was used in your scene. Explain how it looked and how the actors or action was done within the set. How did the set help or hinder the situation in your scene? Explain answer in detail.
  2. Describe what type of mood was created by answering what type of sound and music or lack of sound and or music was used. (Name music and instruments) Include in your comments how the sound track sounded by explaining how the composer utilized the elements of music such as the rhythm, the beat, the tempo, the volume, the dynamics and melody where and when appropriate. (You may need to use the internet and Google to find out about the soundtrack and composer’s names to know about the compositions in your film and scene.


  1. If actors and actresses were in your scene who were they and what did they do to make the scene convincing. Explain their acting skills.


  1. What is the job of a director of a film?


  1. Who was the director of the film? Look this up on the internet (use google)?


  1. What is the job of a producer when making a film? Explain your answer in details.


  1. Why do you think that film is one of the most popular art disciplines in the Humanities? Be sure to explain your answer in details and use other paper since there is not enough room on this paper. Make room for your responses.



  1. What three type of films are there and give the definition of each: Be sure to answer this question in great length and in detailed responses. You will find that there are three names of film types. You should use additional space and other sheets of paper to answer these questions and this question will need additional space to answer all three of these types of films. Be sure to explain each by defining each one by defining each on the definitions. Include sources at the end of this assignment.

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