Film Theory Theories of Authorship

Film Theory: Theories of Authorship

Please write a paper on the theory of film authorship utilizing at least two of the theoretical approaches we have studied in class.  You may analyze a single film or multiple films.  You may select a director you believe to be an auteur and argue the case for his or her authorship. Alternately, you may criticize the claim that a particular filmmaker is an auteur, or criticize auteur criticism more generally.  A discussion of film genre in relation to theories of authorship is also a possibility. Whatever you undertake, your paper should be grounded in close readings of particular theories and analysis of specific scenes in films. Please demonstrate to me that you clearly understand significant problems in film authorship and have done the course reading. You should AVOID repeating the argument or ideas developed in your midterm. Be certain to clearly indicate whenever you have utilized the ideas of someone else. This also applies to your use of websites.


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