FINAL ASSIGNMENT/ 5 essay questions/250 words minimum each


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BOOK NAME: Business Driven Information System

*Each essay question should be in your own words. You may use the text book and your own experiences as sources. Additional Internet resources MAY NOT BE USED. Do not copy/paste answers directly from the textbook – again, please WRITE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. These are essay questions therefore should be answered as such. SHORT TWO – THREE SENTENCE ANSWERS CANNOT ADEQUATELY ANSWER THE QUESTIONS AND WILL BE A ZERO. To adequately answer the question, you should expect to write a minimum of 250 words per question.

1)Explain and describe Porter’s Five Forces Model and how it is incorporated into the business world.


2)Describe the role that project managers and project management plays in system development.


3)Explain ways in which a marketing department can use CRM to improve operations and what type of questions are asked when determining a CRM strategy.


4)Why would a business today want to follow sustainable MIS practices? Provide an example of what might occur if a business did not follow sustainable practices.


5)Describe and define data mining, data warehousing and data marts and explain how they support business decisions.



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