Final Assignment change management


A merger of two universities is going to occur. According to a decision made by the Ministry of Higher Education, the two universities must combine by October 26, 2016.
The British University of Al Ain (7 years old with 2800 current students) and the American University of Al Ain (6 years old with 3000 current students each) will combine to create a new institution in the city of Al Ain. Different private individuals own both universities. The owners have no problems because they have no other option. If the merger does not go through, the Ministry of Higher Education will revoke its certification.

In addition to the fact that change management is necessary for the merger itself, there is another factor that is equally crucial. The American University of Al Ain is a “smart university” that uses the most up-to-date technology in every subject and adheres to the American educational system of credit hours. The British University of Al Ain, on the other hand, adheres to the British educational system and is less conventional (high-tech). Of course, the teachers and staff at both universities are well qualified. The programs at both universities are comparable.

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The two university presidents are incredibly worried since there should only be one president per university, so one of them must step down.

The merger’s news has not yet been made public. The two presidents are the only ones who know. Nobody else is aware.
What you should do is as follows:

The Ministry of Higher Education has asked you for guidance because of your expertise in change management. As a result, you must produce a maximum 12-page report outlining your recommendations for how the modification should be implemented. There are numerous things you need to take care of, like:
Make a change case (why should they change?) What are the potential effects of the change on all stakeholders, and how should these implications be handled?
Who should be the change’s leader? necessary type of leadership style Offer a group.
Deal with resistance while preparing the culture to embrace the change.
Offer a change strategy people can use.
Describe how the model’s phases can be accomplished.
How would you like to keep the transformation going? concerns with sustainability.
You’re going to adore this. The new university’s name


1. Your report’s total length, including the cover page, references, appendices, etc., cannot exceed 12 pages.
Use a line spacing of 1.5 and the Times New Roman font size 12.
3. The report should have a polished appearance. No extraneous decorations, such as photographs.
4: The same scoring criteria as the first assignment apply.
5: The more sources you cite, the more thorough your report will be, which will affect your rating. Of course, you have to reference using Harvard style.
6. Be as creative as you can.
7. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas, but you must include references to support your claims. For instance, if you propose a strategy for dealing with resistance, support it with a case study or a research paper that has been published.
8: You should not base your entire report on a single case study.

10: Since you are preparing a report in your capacity as an expert (consultant), you may say “I.” You won’t play any part in the change management process. You are merely making an early recommendation.
11. You must use the Turnitin system to submit.

Please take advantage of internet resources, such as articles and PDFs.

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