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Participating in an interview with a center director is a required step in obtaining a teaching position. During an interview, a center director is very likely to ask you about lessons you have planned or developed to meet the learning needs of young children.

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Part 1: Lesson Plan:

For the first part of the Final Paper, you will submit the literacy lesson plan that incorporates a piece of children’s literature that you have been working on throughout the course.

To prepare for Part 1,

In your lesson plan

  • Include the contents from Week 1: standard, goal, lesson.
  • Include the contents from Week 2: materials, introduction, lesson procedures, guided practice.
  • Include the contents from Week 3: independent practice, differentiation, closing, assessment.
  • Upload the lesson plan to Waypoint.

Part 2: Written Interview Answers:

Before any interview, you need to formulate answers for many questions an interviewer may ask. In this portion of the Final Paper, you will prepare written answers to 10 interview questions that you might be asked in the interview quiz.

To prepare for Part 2,

In your paper

  • Answer the interview questions provided on the template.
  • Upload the completed template to Waypoint.

For each question, you should

  • Illustrate your response with detailed classroom examples relating to the interview question.
  • Communicate critical thinking and analysis of interview questions in each response.
  • Use at least one credible source to support each answer. (You may use one credible source for more than one answer.)

The Final Paper is submitted in two parts.

The Part 1: Lesson Plan

  • Must be two to three pages in length.

The Part 2: Written Interview Answers

  • Must be five to six pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an external site.)
  • Must use at least two credible sources in addition to the course text.
  • Must document any information used from sources in APA Style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s APA: Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.)
  • Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA Style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. See the APA: Formatting Your References List (Links to an external site.) resource in the Ash

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