Final Paper Health Policy Project(An Older Workforce Impact on Healthcare)

Health Policy Project

An Older Workforce Impact on Healthcare

Possible Policy Responses — You can suggest a single policy response or several. Do not do more than 3. This section should include Pros and Cons for each response you choose to write about. The Pros and Cons can be presented in a list format in a table or written out in narrative paragraphs. The work you did with the Bardach Exercise should be expanded in narrative form and incorporated into this part of your paper and those below. In this section think back to your constrained choice model. How do you your policy options work to remove constraints or introduce new opportunities into your model that would lead to better outcomes?

Best Option and Next Steps — Choose a policy response and present your argument for why it is the best one, incorporate (but do not repeat) the important pros and cons from above section in your discussion. Suggest how this policy might be brought forward, what it would take to make it real. You will use your imagination, common sense and learning from the course to complete this section. This section should be several pages long.

Conclusion — Briefly summarize the main points of your paper. This section should be a page or less.

You are encouraged to include graphs, charts or illustrations that help illustrate your work but it is not required.

Be sure to properly cite all quotes, and any graphs, charts or illustrations.

Sources for your paper should include your textbooks from this course and any of the articles in the course materials, other articles, web material and/or reports from the New York Times, academic journals, government or nonprofit sources.

Wikipedia and other random websites are not acceptable sources.

References: Bardach, Eugene and Patashnik, Erik. A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis: The Eightfold Path to More Effective Problem Solving. Fifth Edition. CQ Press. 2015. (BARDACH in syllabus) ISBN-13: 978-1483359465 Bird, Chloe E. and Reiker, Patricia P. Gender and Health: The Effects of Constrained Choices and Social Policies. Cambridge University Press. 2008. (BIRD&REIKER in syllabus) ISBN-10: 0521682800 | ISBN-13: 978-0521682800 Weissert, Carol S. and Weissert, William G. Governing Health: The Politics of Health Policy. Fourth Edition. Johns Hopkins University Press. 2006. (WEISSERT&WEISSERT in syllabus) Electronic Book 9781421408460 | Paperback 978142140621

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