Final Report of the Capstone/Nursing Practice Project *

This a formal paper in APA format. It should be between 7-8 pages excluding title page and references.
The purpose of this section is to discuss the implementation and evaluation of the proposal submitted previously.
I .Executive Summary
This section often determines the interest of the reader.
• The executive summary is usually one or two paragraphs that summarizes the proposal. This summary is on a separate page in the front of the document.
• Who, why, where, when, cost, expected outcome, and other important points of your proposal need to be included.
• The executive summary should highlight the strengths of your overall plan and, therefore, be the last section you write and the first page of your proposal.
II. Introduction/Statement of Problem
• Overview/review of the Capstone/Nursing Practice Project Proposal
• Describe the problem/issue that prompted the need for change. Include how the clinical issue was identified.

• Describe the steps involved in the implementation of the project. Include the selected theory/ models advantages and disadvantages.

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• Discuss the impact/change that the proposed Nursing Practice Project had in:
a. The identified setting
b. Patient/Client outcomes
c. The Institution overall
III. Discuss the implementation plan
The purpose of this section is to discuss the implementation of the Nursing Practice Project. The discussion should include the following elements.
• What was the process for implementation? Information session during Morning huddle and at staff meetings explaining Evidence for increased gait belt use. (***please see change proposal***)
• Permissions required for implementation: Senior RN manager Michele Dunsworth
• Identification of stakeholders: Unit Nurses and staff
• How was the project/change communicated to the stakeholders? Reduction in injury; focused on providing excellent patient care
• How was the change implemented into practice? Information sessions, and hands-on demonstration
• Timeline: weeks
• Location: IMCU intermediate care unit

IV. Discuss the evaluation plan.
The purpose of this section is to discuss the project results and evaluation.
• Discuss the costs and benefits: no cost; benefit saving of approximately 10,000 per CT scan per patient at our facility
• Describe what was evaluated, the method of evaluation, and the results.
• What were the expected outcomes as a result of project implementation? Were they achieved? If not, Why?
• Discuss unexpected outcomes of the project.

V. Summary
The purpose of this section is to provide a summary of the project.
• Compare and contrast the expected outcomes of the project versus the unexpected outcomes.
• Describe the plan for project sustainability. (How or if project will be continued in the future)
• Conclusions/Recommendations: evidence show that gait belt use reduce injury related to falls. Recommendation…?

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