Final Speech Analyze

Your final analysis will pull together everything you have learned so far. You can choose any American speech from any era to analyze. It can be from the text or one outside of the text. You will be expected to use one or more of the types of analyses you have learned in this class.

The paper will be no less than 5 pages long, 12 pt. Times-New Roman or Arial, with 1 inch margins, double spaced. I will also expect no less than 3 outside sources for the paper. Your book can count as one source.

My suggestion is to start with a historical analysis and let that lead you into another form: Aristotelian, Golden Mean, Message Map with three questions, or any of the other styles.

I will take 3 points for each grammar mistake I find.


Click linksRead all documents or watch videos before you start your analysis!

1. Religion American Revolution

2. The Met

3. Three Secrets and Massage Map

4. How Great Leaders Inspire Actions

5. Movement

6. Leadership Communication


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