Financial Dashboards

Financial Dashboards

Select ONE of the following industries of interest
Asia Tourism
Packaged food South America
Beer & Wine Europe
eCommerce Asia or Africa
Auto Insurance

Select 2# companies from the industry that you have chosen. Both the companies should be in the same country.
Dashboard#1: to showcase a Compare and Contrast of main KPIs that you think are essential to compare and contrast the 2# companies.
Use the bottom space in Dashboard# 1 to give your 3# recommendations.
Based on your analysis, which One of the Two companies would you suggest to “look-out ” for  / Partner with/ invest in. Please be specific in your recommendations supported with specific data.
Dashboard#2:Will focus / zoom-in on the company that you “suggest” based on Dashboard# 1.
You can compare your company against industry averages for metrics that you think are essential to highlight the company.
You may download the financials of the companies from Publicly available information, and trusted sources such as Mergent, IBIS, D&B Hoovers, Company’s Annual Reports etc.
Make sure to cite your sources on a separate sheet in your Excel workbook.

Your submission on Canvas:

Excel workbook – Financial Dashboard:
What are the 2# companies that you chose?
You can select your charts from any of the dashboards that we reviewed in-class.
Additionally, you can also choose to create other Chart formats in Excel.
Print-Preview of each of your Dashboard should be only on ONE page.


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