FiredUp, Inc. is a small business owned by Curt and Julie Robards. Based in Bris

FiredUp, Inc. is a small business owned by Curt and Julie Robards. Based in Brisbane, AustraUa, FiredUp manufactures and sells FiredNow, a lightweight camping stove. Recall that Curt used his previous experience as an aerospace engineer to invent a burning nozzle that enables the stove to stay lit in very high winds. Using her industrial design training, Julie designed the stove so that it is small, lightweight, easy to set up, and very stable. Curt and Julie sell the stove directly to their customers over the Internet and via phone. The warranty on the stove covers 5 years of cost-free repair for stoves used for recreational purposes. FiredUp wants to track every stove and the customer who purchased it. They want to know which customers own which stoves in case they need to notify customers of safety problems or need to order a stove recall. Curt and Julie also want to keep track of any repairs they have performed.
a. Name and describe tables of data that FiredUp will need. Indicate possible fields for each table.
b. Could FiredUp use a spreadsheet to keep track of this data? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of doing so?
c. Will this application be for one user or for multiple users? Will FiredUp need a personal DBMS or an enterprise DBMS? If a personal DBMS, which product will it use? If an enterprise DBMS, which product can it obtain license-free?

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