The following essential points will form the basis of the evaluation. Thus, they must be mentioned in your reports.
Summary: Must contain brief explanations of the following:
i. The significance of the topic under investigation for chemical engineering.
ii. The study’s objectives in the lab.
iii Equipment used iv Key findings v Key conclusions
What you discovered during the lab experiment.
First paragraph
Background information, such as theory and the significance of the subject under study in chemical engineering or petroleum engineering.
ii. Lab study objectives (must be included in the introduction and summary)
c Experimental Tools
i. A drawing displaying the equipment setup
ii. A brief description highlighting any unique qualities, ranges, makes, or types (do not copy the lab sheet).
Experimental Technique and Results
i. A description of the process with measurements is mentioned.
ii. Observations made throughout the study, taking note of any issues that might have impacted the outcomes.
e Calculations and Results
i. Compile all measurements and outcomes from the lab study.
ii. Add up all of the calculated results.
For each sort of calculated result, provide examples of calculations.
f Discussion of the Findings
Talk about all the results, making sure to discuss each goal in light of your studies. Explain the underlying theory or the expectations of the body of published literature for each target.
Discuss any contradictions between your findings and your theory, giving plausible explanations.
Explain why your results did not match the theory or research, and then state what the theory or research suggests should have been the actual results.
Use this area to show that you comprehend the subject you looked into and its importance in chemical engineering and/or petroleum engineering; also, explain what you learned as a result of conducting the study.
g Concluding
Make a clear conclusion (exact statement) for each aim in light of your findings and analysis, and say whether your conclusion accords with theory or accepted knowledge.
References (h)
List every source that was used and cited in your report.

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