Report on the Fly Dubai Marketing Mix


You have been hired as a marketing consultant to research Fly Dubai Airlines’s target market and the company’s existing marketing plans.
On December 7, 2015, you must submit a report to the head of the marketing consultancy that should include the following:- Task 1

? Look at the primary market segments that Fly Dubai uses, including demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral factors. 5 marks? Determine which market segments Fly Dubai is aiming for. 5 marks? Describe their market positioning in relation to their primary direct and indirect competitors. 5 markings

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Task 2 also requires you to evaluate the present Fly Dubai marketing strategy and offer suggestions for an updated, more successful strategy in order to help the company get even greater outcomes.
You must carry out a marketing audit and present your findings on the following:
? PRODUCT: 15 marks for identifying the services provided and analyzing how they were created to maintain a competitive advantage. Explain for 10 points how the “place” strategy is set up to offer consumer convenience. Explain how prices are determined so that they reflect an organization’s goals and current market conditions for 10 marks. PROMOTION: Show how a promotional strategy is implemented to meet its objectives for the target market to earn 15 marks. Analyze the extra components of the extended marketing mix for 15 points. Make suggestions for the marketing mix’s improvement 15 points. Structure and delivery 5 markings

The segmentation, targeting, and positioning of Fly Dubai’s services, as well as every component of its marketing strategy and extended marketing mix, must all be covered in a thorough report.
Determine the market that Fly Dubai is trying to reach. Describe the targeted strategy utilized and assess its effectiveness. Determine Fly Dubai’s position in relation to its rivals. Give Fly Dubai a thorough product line and portfolio.
Fly Dubai’s destinations using strategic methods such as the BCG matrix and the Ansoff growth matrix. Examine and write a report on Fly Dubai’s “place” approach.
? Give a breakdown of Fly Dubai’s service costs. Describe the various pricing tactics the company employs. Look into the variables that affect these pricing practices. Create information on the numerous marketing initiatives carried out by Fly Dubai. This could involve publicity and PR initiatives, personal selling, social media, and advertising. Give a brief description of the extra components of the extended marketing mix and discuss their significance to Fly Dubai. Only 4 parts of the marketing mix need to be improved: product, price, place, and promotion.



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