Focus and Essay Skills

Writing comes from reading a variety of literature. While reading it is important to understand the premise of the situation and also the narrative style. Fiction has a different kind of speed with dramatic representation whereas non fiction has a matter-of-fact styling. The language of English goes through several changes and many times the use of French words or a foreign language highlights a particular view point. There are several borrowings from other languages in English which the writer comes to know while constantly improving his

writing skills.

Usually an

weaves on one point and there are several supporting points that are done in paragraphs to enhance the importance of that aspect. This calls for clearly aligning thoughts or jotting down the main points prior to actually writing the

. Use a rough sheet to chalk out the random thoughts and focus on the highlight of the situation. It is important to maintain the tempo in each paragraph that goes on to highlight the particular main point.

Focus should not be lost and this is done an impressive opening paragraph and closing the

with a strong punch line. The language or style of the

must conform to the requirement. In case it is print then a different language is used which is completely different from the website writing. In case the

has to be read aloud or resembles a speech, there has to be time to pause so each sentence has to be carefully selected. The speech

must be fluid enough to create interest and also allow expression with body language.

Using simple language is very important and the reader or the approver has to be kept in mind. It is important to understand the audience and keep the language simple yet impressive. Established writers often have a certain style of writing that is typical of them. Though it is fine to be inspired it is always

to cultivate a unique style.

writing is more about developing the skill as this is a continuous process of learning.

Improving on writing the

can only be achieved with a pre meditated thought process. Though there are writers who value that extempore writing is authentic, there is no harm in reading or editing the


 essays] to bring out the

or fine tune the overtones.

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