For Freedoms Sake: Chana Kai Lee and Fannie Lou Hamer’s Biography
Order Specifications
U.S. History, 1876 to the Present, by Dr. Walker-McWilliams Book Precis No.
• A concise synopsis of the book’s purpose, content, and argument or thesis
What role does Fannie Lou Hamer’s struggle play? What can we infer from Hamers’ perspective regarding the civil rights movement and/or black living at this period?]
• Your evaluation of how well the author substantiates their argument (the main body of your essay)
Think about the major turning points and advancements in Hamers’ civil rights movement. How do they back up the author’s claim that Hamer’s life was important to this era of American history?]
• Is the book well-written and thoroughly referenced?
• What are the book’s strong points? its shortcomings?
Would you suggest the book to a reader interested in its subject matter, in conclusion? If not, why not?

Format: On the first page of your review, you must provide your name, course number, and section (single-spaced). You should also use 1-inch margins and a 12-point font throughout the body of your review.
• 2 to 3 whole pages long Lee, Chana Kai, in the bibliography. For Freedoms Sake: Fannie Lou Hamer’s Story (University of Illinois Press, 1999; Urbana).

syntax and grammar
• Because this is a formal document, it needs to be written with proper language, punctuation, and English use.
Use the author’s or important person’s full or last name when addressing them.
• Avoid using the first person, such as “I feel” or “I think,” when writing.
• Page numbers must be included with any quoted text (which you should have in this work), as in “[Quoted material]” (Lee, pp. #).
Avoid using quotations that are longer than six lines, and always proofread your work!

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Papers that adequately match the aforementioned requirements and have few grammatical faults will receive a “A” grade (27–30 points).
“B/C” papers (21-26 pts): Comply with the majority of the aforementioned criteria, but fall short in some formatting standards and lack a thorough analysis of the book. will contain grammar mistakes that hurt the paper. Perhaps the paper was late.
Papers graded “D” (18–20 points) did not adequately satisfy the assignment’s requirements. There are various grammar mistakes in the paper. Perhaps the paper was late.
“F” papers (0–17 pts) are those that were hastily put together or that had trouble understanding the assignment’s instructions and the book. Significantly late with the paper. (0 points) Paper contains plagiarism.



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