For this assignment, you will identify a case of whistleblowing and analyze it for several factors.

Whistleblowing Assignment: Case Study


You will choose a whistleblower case for this project and examine it for a number of variables. The whistleblowing case you examine can involve a well-known business or governmental case (like the instances of the TIME Magazine whistleblowers), a less well-known but equally compelling case, or even an incident in which you personally participated. This assignment has a straightforward case study format: Definition/Response/Outcome. Definition: What is or was the issue, what was its breadth, and what special circumstances gave rise to the transgressions or crimes that created the need for whistleblowing? What were the costs, reasons behind them, and results? What act(s) or acts constitute whistleblowing? Was the whistleblower from within, without, or from both? Who were the whistleblowers, if anyone? What issues did they find? How were they discovered? What actions did they take prior to blowing the whistle, if any? What transpired as a result of the whistleblower’s actions? How was it handled by the company and/or outside parties (courts, government, media, etc.)? Did the problems the whistleblower revealed get fixed? A change was brought about as a result, right? Have there been changes to the law, ethics, operations, or finances? Was anyone penalized?

Finally, briefly discuss how you would evaluate the situation. Comment specifically on your impression of the whistleblowers’ method of problem-solving. Use a results-based, rule-based, or virtue-based method to explain your position. Simply put, provide an answer to the following query: “Was the correct thing done, and did it create significant results? The work must be turned in both electronically via email and physically in class on March 7.

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