For this assignment, you will write approximately 500-1000 words (1-2 pages) about the memo between the Assistant Director of Public Relations at Bridgeford Industries and Vincent Helms, the Transportation Supervisor

Ethical Conundrums

You must think about professional ethics and write about an ethical conundrum for this project. You will reference the textbook and additional materials while properly citing them. You will gain experience writing and structuring technical documents for a professional audience with this assignment. It will strengthen the use of source citations. You will summarize data from pertinent sources. Additionally, you will learn about the different ethical dilemmas that can arise in the workplace and try to solve one of them.

Ethical Conundrums

Your response to the memo between Vincent Helms, the transportation supervisor of Bridgeford Industries, and the assistant director of public relations (found on page 251 of your textbook), should be between 500 and 1000 words (or 1-2 pages). Reading. Utilize the entirety of Chapters 4 and 13, as well as Chapter 15 and Appendix C, as references. Additionally, you’ll need to locate and determine the code of ethics that applies to your line of work the most. Use the IEEE code of ethics found on page 71 if you haven’t yet decided on a major. An excellent source to cite in your assignment is the code of ethics. Planning. Think over every detail of the case study on page 251. Explain the circumstance in your own terms, pointing out any ethical concerns and suggesting the best course of action to pursue in these circumstances without using any of the same language from the scenario. To support your suggestions, cite at least two reliable references. Include two sources in your assignment that are properly cited (see chapter 15 and page 384 for information on APA style documentation; if you prefer, use IEEE style (Links to an external site). The textbook is one source you can use. Writing. Create a title for the document and the following subheadings: Overview, advice, and justification Assignment submission. The assignment is due in Canvas’s Assignments by midnight on the due date. The due date is listed on the syllabus. Don’t do the following: Sharing your writing with your students (it must be done alone and be entirely original) No direct quotations; recreate and paraphrase the scenario in your own words. stealing content from the web or another source. You must use online resources, cite them in your writing, and provide documentation for them. Anything that isn’t properly cited has been copied.

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