Foreign policy regarding the spread of disease in Nigeria.

Prepare a formal policy memo for the President of the United States (POTUS). Your document should quickly explain how the President can take your advice and put it into action. He is a busy man, so keep it short and to the point. • This document should quickly articulate (in 2-3 paragraphs) the relevance of the issue, the current policy position (citing the supporting evidence) 2-4 citations REQUIRED and conclude with suggested reforms. • The memo is to be 400-600 of own word. Keep citations to an absolute minimum. No more and no less is necessary for this activity. Failure to meet the minimum writing requirement will result in a zero for the entire assignment (no partial credit will be awarded as this is a formal institutional assessment). • The formatting protocol for a memo requires single spacing. If you need help with the formatting, use the supplements provided for the project. • Finally, add a cover page to the front of the document with word count, and include the works cited page at the end. 

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