forensic psychology


the program is forensic psychology

This week, as you think about these topics, you will select one to explore in detail and begin to identify a key problem within the topic that will become the focus of the Capstone Project. he Capstone Project is a research paper, so your topic needs to be objectively researched in the academic literature. There are some topics that one feels so strongly about that one cannot objectively review all sides of the issue. These would not be suitable topics for the Capstone.

Once you have chosen a topic, this Discussion provides the opportunity to share with your classmates your choice of topic and the problem that you have identified.

For this Discussion, you will examine your process for deciding on a research topic, including the critical thinking involved, and begin to describe a specific problem within that topic that will become the focus for your Capstone Project.

To prepare:

  • Consider a topic of interest related to your MS specialization area.
  • Review the Learning Resources for this week, especially those related to choosing a topic and narrowing your search.
  • Search the Walden University Library and/or Internet and complete a preliminary search in the academic literature to make sure there are scholarly sources, primarily current peer-reviewed journal articles, about this topic.
  • Identify a specific problem within this topic that will become the focus of your Capstone Project.

By Day 4

Post a brief summary of your topic. Support your information with citations to the research literature about your topic. Explain the specific problem within this topic that you are interested in focusing on for your Capstone Project. Briefly explain why you selected the topic and the relevance to your specialization area.

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