Logistical Inventory Control MGT-417-OL01



Final Exam

This exam consists of one case study and you will have 3 hours to complete it. Be certain to have your textbook open and ready as you will need to read the case. Then, follow the directions provided with the questions in the exam to answer the questions associated with the case.


For the Final Exam, in addition to completing the questions in the space provided inside the exam, you must also submit all of your documents (i.e., Excel Workbook and Word Document) to the Final Exam Assignment box within 15 minutes of submitting your exam. Assignment box submissions are time stamped so your instructor will know if you submitted it more than 15 minutes after submitting your completed exam.


Once you have submitted your exam, do not make any changes to your answers. Your instructor may deduct points if the answers you submit in this exam are not identical to the questions you submit to the Assignment box. Be sure to name your documents as follows:



(e.g., Jane_Smith_MGT417_Final_Exam.xlsx)


Complete the Final Exam no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. (This Assignment may be linked to Turnitin.)


Information Needed:
www.Yuzu.com for textbook  Introduction to Materials Management
Login: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]!


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