Fraud in San Francisco Presentation

The scientific method stresses the need for an objective perspective, use of critical thinking and careful observation, a replicable and documented process, uncertainty management, and peer review, all of which help support the reliable collection, measurement, and interpretation of clues in order to produce knowledge about a situation.
In a business context, this means that if you have followed the scientific method, another accountant should be able to replicate your investigation and reach the same result. In the real world you would present your findings to your boss for consideration and to decide how to proceed.
Here are the synthesized steps to apply scientific methodology to address this Assignment:

  1. Assess the existing pertinent information.
  2. Decide what possible problem appears to have occurred based on clues.
  3. Determine the evidence needed and where to look for this evidence.
  4. Analyze and evaluate the data or evidence.
  5. Provide your conclusions based on the evidence and defend your conclusions with the data.

See the checklist items in the Rubric document below.
Assignment: Presentation with audio
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with audio of the fraud that occurred at Diamond Foods.
Your presentation should include the checklist items located in the rubric below.
A minimum of 8–10 PowerPoint slides are required and they must address all of the items in the Checklist. Each bulleted checklist item should have its own slide(s).

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