“Freedom Dementia Support’

Description This Semesters UCD Project “Freedom Dementia Support’ has raised many issues in terms of how we might keep track of people with dementia (PwD). While it can be relatively easy to location track people who are carrying a mobile phone, we cannot guarantee that our PwD user group will be carrying a phone when they wander away from their caregiver. Your task for this assignment is to briefly review the academic literature (i.e., papers published in academic journals) to find three ways to track the location of people without using a mobile phone. For each of those three tracking methods evaluate: • the comfort and acceptability of the tracking solution to the Caregiver and Person with Dementia • any particular ethical issues posed by the technology. Most importantly you will need to identify possible requirements and/or design guidelines for the or based on current literature (i.e., what recommendations would you make to the team about what technology would be best to use – from the users point of view).

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