From the case study, compare the 2 types of finance provided by the PSYBT

It’s All Wash and Go for Caroline
Caroline Gray opened Dogs Body Design in Kelso in 2013 with
the help of the Prince’s Scottish Youth Business Trust (PSYBT).
Dogs Body Design provides dog grooming services and sells
homemade treats, handmade dog coats and bandanas which are
all made locally.
Caroline trained for a year before taking up a post in a dog
grooming salon. She then managed a salon before deciding to
set up her own business. The PSYBT provided a business advisor
who helped her prepare a business plan and cash budget. They
also gave a £5000 loan and a grant of £250.
The young entrepreneur’s idea proved so successful in just her first couple of weeks
that she employed a member of staff. Her popularity means she is fully booked up
to a week in advance.
You should note that although the following questions are based on the case study
above, you will need to make use of knowledge and understanding you have gained
whilst studying the Course.
1. (a) (i) From the case study, identify 2 enterprising skills or qualities that
Caroline has demonstrated.
(ii) Outline how these skills or qualities help Caroline develop her business.
(b) From the case study, compare the 2 types of finance provided by the PSYBT.
(c) Caroline provides a service to her customers.
Justify the importance of providing good customer service.
(d) (i) Caroline employed a member of staff.
Outline 3 stages in the recruitment process.
(ii) Describe the features of the Equality Act 2010.
(e) (i) From the case study, identify the stage of the product life cycle for
Caroline’s business.
(ii) Describe the stage identified in (e)(i).

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