Front End Problem: Recruiting Quality Officers (Article Review)


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This course’s emphasis is on the leadership, management, and/or administrative facets of criminal justice organizations. The goal of the article review assignment is to provide you with practice finding, locating, and analyzing scholarly-quality data related to the topic of criminal justice.
You will conduct research for your article review assignment and choose a peer-reviewed, scholarly article from a reliable online source. In that article, a management, administration, or leadership issue in criminal justice will be covered. Any broad administration, management, or leadership subtopic that you find largely covered in the Peak text is fair game for discussion. You are now free to choose the broad subject of the article. However, the main subject of such a piece must be a pertinent management, administration, or leadership issue in the field of justice. For instance, if you are interested in the general field of criminal justice’s corrections component, you might concentrate your efforts there. The article you evaluate must, however, deal with a management-related subject that falls under the broad purview of the corrections industry. Giving you the freedom to select a specific area of study is not a free pass to write about anything you happen to enjoy. Keep the main parameters of the Administration of Justice Organizations course in mind as you work on this assignment.
Discuss the article’s results, any ethical conundrums it raises, and how the particular subject ties to a biblical worldview in your evaluation.
• Make sure to mention the title, author, journal, publication date, edition, and URL of the paper. Explain how the article’s principles and ideas for administration, management, and leadership relate to the administration of justice. In other words, you are explaining the merits of this specific article to the study of criminal justice administration and how you are relating the biblical text to the article’s content.
• The length of your review essay is two pages, double-spaced.
• Include a citation for the article as well as a functional link that opens the article’s webpage.
• The publication must be no older than five years.
• You are required to give a brief analysis of two verses from the Bible that are connected to the article’s major issue.
• The body of the review must follow the current APA style.
Your use of related library research resources, such as Liberty University Online Student Library Services, will be important to your ability to complete this assignment. It is quite improbable that a simple Google search will lead you to relevant peer-reviewed publications or articles.

You are looking for an academic journal article, sometimes referred to as a peer-reviewed paper. Here are some essential characteristics you should search for to make sure you have found the right content. Peer-reviewed articles are frequently produced by subject-matter experts, vetted by the publication team and other subject-matter experts, and then published in academic journals that concentrate on that particular field of study. You are not required to use any articles from general interest publications like Time, Newsweek, People, or even professional or trade publications like the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, the National Institute of Justice Journal, Police Chief Magazine, etc. in order to complete this assignment. Instead, you’re looking for academic journals that frequently publish novel research or descriptions of informational theories related to a certain area of criminal justice administration. A scholarly journal article will utilize specialized or technical language that is unique to that subject and will list information in several footnotes or a comprehensive bibliography to offer documentation of the various sources that will be referenced in the piece. In most cases, the article will also provide at least a summary of the author’s educational background. The journal where the article is published typically doesn’t include any advertisements. The printed publications’ dissemination will typically be more constrained, such as to academic institutions, researchers, or experts in that particular topic. One such academic journal in the medical field is the New England Journal of Medicine.
See the “How to Find a Scholarly Article” link in the Course Guides and Assignment Instructions/Additional Information folder, the Liberty University ILRC, or the Liberty University Online Student Library Services if you have questions about the terminology used to describe the scholarly-quality, peer-reviewed, academic-quality, or similar references to quality sources of information to be used in this assignment. In order to better comprehend these concepts, you can also check out public library search engines or the websites of the most significant colleges’ libraries.
You’ll observe that no specific example of an academic, peer-reviewed publication focused on criminal justice has been given. An essential part of the project is to conduct the necessary research to identify a pertinent scientific publication as a source of a particular, peer-reviewed article for this task.


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