Genetic variation and individualised drug therapy

Description A Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics literature review entitled “Genetic variation and individualised drug therapy” Would you please produce the best possible written work (the literature review examiner is a Chair Professor), thank you. Marking criteria: 26-30 An exceptional degree of insight, independent thought, and skillful argument, yielding a product that is of potentially publishable quality, in terms of originality. 22-26 The work provides a fully effective response to the question and shows an ability to integrate literature and go beyond it. The analysis should achieve a high level of quality to lead the conclusion. 19-22 A sharply-focused essay incorporates with high intellectual input. It should show the capability to engage critically with the literature, using the sources creatively to arrive at its own independent conclusions. 16-19 The question and the sources should be addressed. The work of other authors should be presented critically. Effective use of the literature. There should be no significant errors of fact or interpretation. 10-15 The answer should proceed to a convincing conclusion. The quality of the writing and presentation should be without major problem. Below 10 Unsatisfactory answer with deficiencies such as restricted use of sources, poor expression, and irrelevancies to the question asked. The general impression may be of a rather poor effort, with weaknesses in conception.) ESSAY FORMAT An essay is made up of the Introduction, Main Points (the body), and Conclusion(s). Depending on the length and breadth of your paper, you may have up to six main points. Below is an example of the essay structure: Title (same or similar as the topics assigned by lecturer) Name & Student ID I. Introduction II. Point One III. Point Two IV. Point Three V. … VI. C

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