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This is the first of our two projects for the semester. Please use your understanding of congenital and genetic illnesses from Chapter Seven to offer your genetic guidance in the following situations:

1) A pair that both have sickle cell disease

Hemophilia Type 2: a carrier woman married to a non-carrier man

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3) A normal male and a female with phenylketonuria

4) A 40-year-old pregnant woman who is married to a 60-year-old guy and who has a child with Down syndrome.
In each scenario, kindly say:

1. Determine whether the condition is congenital or hereditary and which chromosome is involved.

b. List the odds of normal, carrier, and affected offspring using the Punnett square (if relevant).

List the anticipated symptoms of impacted offspring.

d. Offer the parents genetic counseling, outlining their options, potential hazards of testing, and issues they should expect for their unborn child in the future.

g. List all of the sources you used for your research.



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