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This is our first project (out of 2) this semester. Please use your knowledge from chapter 7 on Congenital and genetic diseases to provide your genetic counseling regarding the following cases:

1) A couple who are both sickle cell carriers

2) A Hemophilia A carrier female married to normal male

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3) A female with phenylketonuria and a normal male

4) A 40 year old pregnant female married to a 60 year old man with already one Down syndrome child of their own.
For each case please:

a. Identify if it is congenital/ genetic disorder, and which chromosome is affected

b. Use Punnett square (if applicable) to list probabilities of normal, carrier, and affected children

c. List expected manifestations of affected offsprings

d. provide genetic counseling to the parents; their options, advice about possible risks of testing, and challenges expected in the future regarding their baby.

e. List all references you used for your information.

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