Geographies of Global Processes

4. Assignment:


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The fourth and last phase of your four-part GGRA02 assignment is called Assignment 4. You must now create a research paper that is relevant to the initial subject or material you choose to analyze. For information on how to create a research paper, go to the resources in the “Writing a Course Paper” folder on Blackboard, which are located under the “Academic Skills: Resources” folder (under “Course Materials”).

Detailed Guidelines

Provide a cogently stated, well-documented, and logically ordered argument in relation to the research material you have gathered using the Critical Reflection, Research Proposal, Peer Review activity, and additional research as a foundation.

The research paper’s foundation must consist of a thorough examination of the nonacademic materials you have chosen with care, as well as at least five significant academic sources, two of which must come from the Required Readings and three from other sources.

Make sure you carefully read the materials and apply the concepts. Don’t forget to define the essential concepts in your work using references (for instance, “globalization,” “space,” “place,” “relationality,” “core,” and “periphery”). These terms’ various definitions may have an impact on your research strategy.

5–6 pages, or roughly 1500–1750 words, total.
Key Requirements in Brief

Write a 5–6 page research paper with a focus on the subject you have studied all semester.

Make sure your paper is referenced correctly using the APA style.
Formatting Guidelines

• First-person writing is acceptable.

• No need for a title page

• Name, student number, course code, and teaching assistant’s name in assignment header

• Page numbers, ideally at the bottom of each page.

• Use two spaces

• Regular 1-inch margins

• 10 pt (Arial) OR 12 pt (Times New Roman, Garamond) font size

• Headings and subheadings are advised; be imaginative!

Referencing Guidelines:

• When creating citations and bibliographies, use APA style. Any external data (course readings, proofreading, non-original images, etc.) MUST be properly referenced. Please visit the following website: for more on this referencing style.

• Keep in mind that plagiarism, or representing the words or ideas of another person as your own, is a serious crime.



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