George Bush Vs Al Gore Debate Analysis


Watch the Al Gore vs. George Bush 2nd Debate, October 11th, 2000:

After watching the debate, write an analysis of the debate by appropriately choosing the winner of the debate using the Toulon model of argumentation. Here is the Toulim model:

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Claim: the position or claim being argued for; the conclusion of the argument.
Grounds: reasons or supporting evidence that bolster the claim.
Warrant: the principle, provision, or chain of reasoning that connects the grounds or reason to the claim.
Backing: support, justification, and reasons to back up the warrant.
Rebuttal/Reservation: exceptions to the claim; description and rebuttal of counter-examples and counter-arguments
Qualification: specification of limits to claim, warrant, and backing. The degree of conditionality asserted


Just three of the aforementioned Toulmin model components should be used to evaluate the dispute. In other words, consider the effectiveness with which each contender deployed their assertions, justifications, and warrants. The Toulim Model’s three components should be used to briefly summarize the debate winner in the opening paragraph of the essay. I’ve included a sample of how the paper ought to appear in the attachment.
Be sure to describe in detail how the winning candidate used each of the Toulim model’s components in his or her case. Reference the video. Include a paragraph that details the winning candidate’s flaws as well. That is, don’t be overly biased; present both sides of an issue, but don’t devote more than a paragraph to it.


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