Geospatial revolution

 Deliverables: 1) Watch a short video and 2) answer a question online. the video: After watching the video, answer the question: Which mapping applications discussed in this program do you find most interesting and why? Requirement : The activity this week is to watch a program online, the Geospatial Revolution, and submit an answer to the question asked below. This video amplifies and extends some of the themes we discussed in lecture this week, while we will revisit others in later classes. The program is created at Penn State by the Geospatial Revolution Project, an initiative that addresses the world of digital mapping and how it is changing the way we think, behave, and interact. Watch episode one of the series via the URL below. Note that this first episode has four separate chapters and you must watch all four of these chapters. The run time for the entire episode is just under fourteen minutes. ► As you watch, keep in mind that maps have always represented the fusion of technology and society, from people scratching their worldview on clay tablets thousands of years ago through to people today creating sophisticated web-based maps. Mapping is a way to understand the relationship between society and technologies ranging from satellite imaging and geographic information systems (GIS) to Internet social networks. These technologies spring from and play out in a social context, and this interplay is critical to understand. Once you have watched the video, submit your response to the following question in Canvas via the “Activity: submission” link for this week. Your answer should be about 200 words. This post counts toward your class participation grade, so review your answer before you post it and then again once it has posted.

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